Excellent, comprehensive mental health programs for children, adolescents, and adults

Adult Services

ACT (Assertive Community Treatment)
This is a service-delievery model that provides comprehensive, community-based treatment to people with severe mental illnesses. Consumers are provided with around-the-clock services with a multi-disciplinary treament team. The treatment team consists of various disciplines such as psychiatry, social work, nursing, substance abuse, and peer support. ACT has a capacity of 102 consumers, and our current staffing consists of 4 psychiatrists, 2 nurses, 1 team leader, 14 case managers, 1 substance abuse specialist, 2 peer specialists, and 1 program assistant.

CMO (Crisis Mobile Outreach)
CMO provides community-based services to consumers experiencing psychiatric and psychosocial emergencies, responding to emergencies with timely (within 45 minutes) face-to-face crisis stabilization services. Consumers are referred to the CMO team by the Adult Mental Health Division’s Direct Access Line, averaging 3-5 emergency calls a day. There are 3-4 workers on duty during business hours and 2 after hours. CMO provides services throughout Oahu.

CSM (Crisis Support Management)
CSM services provide time-limited support and interventions to individuals who are in crisis and in need of necessary services, and are not linked or do not have a DIVISION case manager. The goal of the program is to return consumers who have known or suspected mental health or substance abuse diagnosis to their pre-crisis state. Consumers are administered services at the request of Division Assessment. CSM has the capacity to serve up to 65 consumers.
Current CSM staff consists of one masters level team leader and three bachelors level team members.

ICM (Integrated Case Management)
ICM is for SMI consumers who need rehabilitative treatment and supportive interventions in order to help them gain access to necessary services, and is available to consumers 24 hours a day, every day. The goals of this program are for maximum reduction of psychiatric symptoms and for optimal development of community living skills. ICSM is less intensive than the ACT services, and is most often used as a “step down” from ACT and for some discharges from community and state psychiatric hospitals. It may also be used to serve persons at risk of hospitalization who also meet acuity criteria. CARE has the capacity for 80 consumers.
The current staff consists of 1 team leader, 1 MSW case manager, 1 registered nurse case manager, and 1 part-time program assistant.

LCRS (Licensed Crises Residential Services)
The LCRS programs are short term (up to two weeks) residential programs for adult SMI consumers. CARE’s LCRS programs are located in various placed on Oahu and the Big Island. There are currently plans for 10 LCRS beds on Oahu, 5 in Hilo, and 5 in Oceanview. Staffing will consist of 1 RN and 1 BA on each shift.

SRSP (Specialized Residential Special Population) - Kaneohe, Pearl City
SRSP are long term (up to 6 months) residential programs for SMI consumers.
The CARE Cottages is a specialized 24 hour residential program. This may be an alternative to admission into the Hawaii State Hospital or for those recently discharged from the Hawaii State Hospital. The residential program offers individualized services tailored to each resident’s needs with respect and support for consumer choice. Consumer particpation in treatment planning helps achieve the goal of increased independent functioning in community living and work settings. There are five admission criteria. This program has the capacity for 22 consumers. The current staffing for the day shift is 1 RN, 3 mental MHT’s, 2-4 peer specialists, and 1 Assistant Manager. The evening shift consists peer specialists, and 1 Assistant Manager. The evening shift consists of 1 RN and 3 Mental Health Technicians. The night shift consists of 3 Mental Health Technicians.