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Children's Services

SBBH (School Based Behavioral Health)
The SBBH (School Based Behavioral Health) Program provides a variety of school based behavioral health and educational support services to students, identified through their Individual Educational Plans (IEP), as being in need of such services. These services are provided in an effort to increase the student�s ability to benefit from their education. Those providing said services include psychiatrists, psychologists, and masters level clinicians. These services include:
- Individual Counseling
- Parent/Family Intervention
- Educational Planning
- Psychiatric Services (Diagnostic Evaluation and Medication Management)

Early Intervention (0-3)
Children, up to age 3, who have developmental delays (cognition, speech, language, physical, motor, vision, hearing) are eligible for early intervention services. CARE has a contract to provide Intensive Behavior al Support Services to this population. The frequency and intensity of services provided to children are based upon recommendations of the therapists and the agreement of the Individualized Family Support Plan (IFSP) Team, which includes the parents. The IFSP is the Early Intervention counterpart to the IEP. All children identified with ASD are eligible to receive IBS services in addition to the developmental services they may already be receiving. Developmental therapy services, including IBS services, can be provided in the family�s home, the child�s preschool or day care, or at the Early Intervention program.